I have contributed to open source in the following places:

IBM- Call for Code

GSoC 2021

  • Tried to add librobotcontrol support to the BeagleBone AI in PR#204.
  • Added a device tree overlay for the audio cape on the BeagleBone AI using the Cape Compatiblity layer and merged to the official BeagleBoard-Device Trees repo in PR#33.
  • Fixed issue#34 in the audio overlay for the BBAI that was causing a minor offset in the output audio frequency in PR#36.
  • Added dependency and updated README in PRUDebug in PR#1.
  • Ported PRUDebug used by Mark Yoder in his tutorials. It was merged by him to his repo in PR#7
  • Ported Prudebug having the j instruction in PR#2 in giuliomoro/prudebug
  • Created the BBAI-BELA Overlay to support the BELA Cape on BBAI using the Cape Compatibility Layer.
  • Created PruManager.cpp and PruManager.h to help port the Bela Code to AM572x and also provide backward compatibility under a single roof. click here



GSoC2021: Bela support for BeagleBone AI

Bela is a hardware and software system for creating beautiful interaction with sensors and sound. This project proposes to provide restructuring and improvement of existing Bela Software Code to allow for compatibility and easier transition to newer TI chips (like in the BBAI).


Achieved Milestones

  1. Created a device tree overlay using Cape Compatibility layer to port BB-BONE-AUDI overlay to the BBAI. The Overlay I wrote has been accepted by BeagleBone maintainer Robert Nelson, and you can find it to here

  2. Created a BBAI-BELA-00A1 device tree overlay which helps in setting the right pinmux for BELA.

  3. Adapted to the Bela PRU and ARM code and workflow to use the PRU using the Remote Processor Framework instead of the almost outdated UIO PRUSS.

  4. Updated the Bela code to use the McASP, GPIO and McSPI on the AM5729 SoC of the BBAI

  5. Installed a Xenomai patched kernel and ran the full Bela stack.

  6. I also ported a debugger for PRU called PRUDebug to work on both the PRUSS on board the AM5792.

Pull Requests

  1. beagleboard/BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees BBAI-AUDI-02-00A0 overlay using the CCL #33

  2. BBAI-AUDI-02-00A0.dts: Solved the output audio frequency issue #36

  3. cloud9-examples Corrected: solved a compilation issue #57

  4. Bela: PruManager Rproc + MMap/ prussdrv+UIO implementation

  5. giuliomoro/prudebug: Add support for AM57x #2

  6. MarkAYoder/BeagleBoard-exercises: prudebug: Add BBAI support #7

  7. Bela: Add support for BeagleBone AI #668